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2016-05-05 04:31:27

The following Schemes come with compilers (which does not necessarily mean that they can produce standalone executables):

Native compilers: Chez, Larceny, MIT, Vicare

Compilers to C: Bigloo, Chicken, Gambit, Larceny, Owl Lisp, Rhizome/pi, Scheme->C, SCM, Stalin

Compilers to JVM bytecode: Bigloo, Kawa

Compilers to CLR bytecode: Bigloo, IronScheme, Larceny (older version), Luna

Compilers to private bytecode (with JIT): Pycket (port of Racket to RPython), Racket

Compilers to private bytecode (without JIT): Chibi, Guile, Oaklisp, Owl Lisp, Scheme 48, SXM, Vx, Wraith (probably incomplete)

Schemes for specialized CPUs are not listed here. I have not tested most of these compilers. This list is almost certainly incomplete.