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2010-08-30 16:04:44

Condition/Exception Taxonomies

This page lists the condition/exception system taxonomies for several Scheme implementations and SRFIs and for R6RS.


&exception &error &http-error &http-redirection-error &http-status-error &io-error &io-file-not-found-error &io-malformed-url-error &io-parse-error &io-port-error &io-closed-error &io-read-error &io-write-error &io-unknown-host-error &process-exception &type-error &http-redirection &warning &eval-warning

Chez Scheme

&condition &irritants &message &serious &violation &assertion &implementation-restriction &no-infinities &no-nans &lexical &non-continuable &syntax &undefined &error &i/o &i/o-port &i/o-decoding &i/o-encoding &i/o-read &i/o-write &i/o-invalid-position &i/o-filename &i/o-file-already-exists &i/o-file-does-not-exist &i/o-file-protection &i/o-file-is-read-only &warning &who


Chicken supports SRFI-12.

exn arity type arithmetic i/o file net bounds runtime limit match syntax


Gambit doesn't have a hierarchy, but it does have a set of standard exceptions.

heap-overflow-exception stack-overflow-exception no-such-file-or-directory-exception os-exception unbound-os-environment-variable-exception abandoned-mutex-exception deadlock-exception join-timeout-exception scheduler-exception started-thread-exception terminated-thread-exception uncaught-exception cfun-conversion-exception multiple-c-return-exception sfun-conversion-exception datum-parsing-exception expression-parsing-exception unbound-global-exception divide-by-zero-exception improper-length-list-exception range-exception type-exception keyword-expected-exception nonprocedure-operator-exception number-of-arguments-limit-exception unknown-keyword-argument-exception wrong-number-of-arguments-exception error-exception


<condition> <compound-condition> <message-condition> <error> <io-error> <port-error> <io-closed-error> <io-read-error> <io-unit-error> <io-write-error> <read-error> <system-error> <unhandled-signal-error> <serious-condition> <serious-compound-condition>


Guile implements SRFI 18, SRFI 34, and R6RS exceptions.


Ikarus implements R6RS exceptions.


Kawa gets its taxonomy of exceptions from Java.


Larceny implements R6RS exceptions.

MIT/GNU Scheme

serious-condition error simple-error illegal-datum wrong-type-datum wrong-type-argument wrong-number-of-arguments datum-out-of-range bad-range-argument inapplicable-object file-error file-operation-error derived-file-error port-error derived-port-error variable-error unbound-variable unassigned-variable arithmetic-error divide-by-zero floating-point-overflow floating-point-underflow control-error no-such-restart not-loading primitive-procedure-error system-call-error warning simple-warning simple-condition breakpoint


exn exn:break exn:fail exn:fail:contract exn:fail:contract:arity exn:fail:contract:divide-by-zero exn:fail:contract:non-fixnum-result exn:fail:contract:continuation exn:fail:contract:variable exn:fail:filesystem exn:fail:filesystem:exists exn:fail:filesystem:version exn:fail:network exn:fail:out-of-memory exn:fail:read exn:fail:read:eof exn:fail:read:non-char exn:fail:syntax exn:fail:unsupported exn:fail:user


&condition &irritants &message &serious &error &i/o &i/o-filename &i/o-file-already-exists &i/o-file-does-not-exist &i/o-file-protection &i/o-file-is-read-only &i/o-invalid-position &i/o-port &i/o-decoding &i/o-encoding &i/o-read &i/o-write &violation &assertion &non-continuable &implementation-restriction &lexical &syntax &undefined &warning &who


Scheme48 implements SRFI 34, SRFI 35, and SRFI 36.


SCM doesn't have an exception system, although it does have a way of handling the following exceptions reported by C code:

alarm-interrupt arithmetic-error end-of-program out-of-storage profile-alarm-interrupt thrashing user-interrupt virtual-alarm-interrupt


Scsh has no condition system. It does include an exception system for handling errors reported by Unix system calls.


SISC gets its taxonomy of exceptions from Java. It also implements SRFI 18, SRFI 34, and SRFI 35.

SRFI 12: Exception Handling

Any object can be used to represent a condition in this system. There is no standard taxonomy of conditions, but there are two types of condition for which special support is included:

composite condition property condition

SRFI 18: Multithreading support

abandoned-mutex-exception join-timeout-exception terminated-thread-exception uncaught-exception

SRFI 34: Exception Handling for Programs

No condition taxonomy is defined. However, it does refer to SRFI 35 and SRFI 36.

SRFI 35: Conditions

&condition &message &serious &error

SRFI 36: I/O Conditions

&error &i/o-error &i/o-filename-error &i/o-file-already-exists-error &i/o-file-protection-error &i/o-file-is-read-only-error &i/o-malformed-filename-error &i/o-no-such-file-error &i/o-port-error &i/o-closed-error &i/o-read-error &i/o-write-error &read-error


STklos supports SRFI 34, SRFI 35, and SRFI 36.