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2010-11-13 17:58:30
1Immutable datahistory

Immutable data

Why not having a distinct 'immutable' data type, containing a value which cannot be mutated, and an associated function which creates copy of the immutable data at each call ?

(make-immutable data)

Returns an immutable data containing a copy of data.

(immutable? obj)

Returns #t if obj is an immutable, otherwise returns #f.

(immutable->copy obj)

This is an error if obj is not an immutable, else it returns a copy of the data contained in obj.


Of course it is impossible to mutate the value contained inside an 'immutable' object, however the 'immutable' object itself could be mutated. For instance it is possible to mutate a variable containing an 'immutable' object, or a list containing 'immutable' objects but not a list contained inside an 'immutable' object.