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2014-12-08 12:45:16

This is a draft of proposals for the Red Edition (data structures) of R7RS-large. For other dockets, see WG2Dockets.


List library: SRFI 1.

String library: SRFI 13 or StringSlicesCowan.

Vector library: SRFI 43 or VectorsCowan.

Sorting and merging: SortingShivers (edited draft of withdrawn SRFI 32) or SRFI 95 or R6RS.

Comparators: SRFI 114.

Boxes: SRFI 111.

Sets and bags: SRFI 113.

Integer sets: IntegerSetsCowan.

Character sets: SRFI 14.

List queues: SRFI 117.

Immutable deques, sets, and maps: ImmutableDataStructuresWortman.

Immutable pairs and lists: SRFI 116.

Random access pairs and lists: SRFI 115.

Hash tables and bimaps: HashTablesCowan.

Generators and/or streams: GeneratorsGauche and/or SRFI 41.

Lazy sequences: LazySequencesCowan.

Immutable cyclic lists: CyclesMedernach.

Binary heaps: BinaryHeapsCowan.

Enumerations with sets and maps: EnumsCowan

Extended records:

Regular expressions: SRFI 115.


Multidimensional general arrays: ArraysCowan.

Sparse vectors and maps: Gauche util.sparse.

Ternary search trees: No API proposal yet, but see Wikipedia.

Ephemerons: MIT Scheme or Racket (optional package).

Gap buffers: BuffersCowan (based on Emacs Lisp)