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2012-02-29 13:34:54

WG2 Revote Docket

This docket contains work items that WG2 has not yet decided whether to work on or not. See WG2Dockets for other dockets.

Undefined value API:

Multiple producers in call-with-values

equal=? (like equal? but with = instead of eqv? on numbers):

Custom I/O ports:

Testing function arity:


User-specified syntax-transformers:

Immutable data:

Port encodings, buffering, line ending control:

Evaluator arguments to procedures like load: under WG1 ballot

Applicable record instances (see

Random procedures from R6RS (notably symbol=? and boolean=?): to be spelled out

String positions and slices (see

Enumerations (R6RS, but see also


Thread-local storage: