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2010-09-14 01:47:45

WG2 Standard Docket

This is a list of work items and proposals. If no more than one proposal is written for an item, the item may migrate to the ConsentDocket.

Binary heap:

Binary search:

Boxes/references: BoxesCowan

Character encoding conversion:

Conditions: R6RS (depends on interaction with WG1)

Date and time arithmetic:

Date-time parser:

Dictionaries (may include hash tables):

Enumerations and enum-sets: R6RS

Environment enquiries:

File system directories:

Gettext (i18n of strings):

Hash tables: R6RS, SRFI 69

Homogeneous numeric arrays: BlobAPI

Immutable cyclic lists:

Loop syntax:

Mailboxes, channels, synchronized queues:

C89 or C99 <math.h>:


Message digests (CRC, MD5, SHA1, SHA2):

Multi-dimensional general arrays:

Multiple value macros (SRFIs 8, 11, 71, and CL):

Mutexes, condition variables:

Named parameters:

Octet vectors, bytevectors, blobs: BlobAPI


Pattern matching:

Port functions (concatenate, join, split):

Pretty-printer: fmt

Priority queues:

Processes (system, popen, etc):

Random numbers:

Record introspection: SRFI 99

REPL facilities:

Run-time records: SRFI 99

Sets and bags:

Shift and reset:

Simple Posix:

Sorting: SRFI 32, SRFI 95

SRFI 38: reading and writing shared structure: (depends on interaction with WG1)

TCP protocol:

Thread-local storage:


UDP protocol:

Unicode character database:

Unicode normalization:

Weak dictionaries/hashtables:

Weak references (soft, phantom):