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2010-09-07 04:39:25

Since the current votes in WG1 call for a module for Unicode casing and normalization, here's a trivial proposal for that module.

It's a subset of the R6RS (rnrs unicode 6) library, but the semantics of the procedures are supplied by UnicodeCowan.

char-upcase char-downcase char-foldcase char-ci=? char-ci<? char-ci>? char-ci<=? char-ci>= char-alphabetic char-numeric char-whitespace char-upper-case char-lower-case string-upcase string-downcase string-foldcase string-ci=? string-ci<? string-ci>? string-ci<=? string-ci>= string-normalize-nfd string-normalize-nfkd string-normalize-nfc string-normalize-nfkc