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Change History for WG1BallotShinn

222012-09-22 21:04:29alexshinnadding #405 preference and /real variants for #121
212012-09-17 16:59:54alexshinnvoting on 7th ballot
202012-08-12 19:37:37alexshinnchanging my #442 vote to write+simple+shared
192012-08-08 20:38:43alexshinnchanging my #393 vote to unspecified
182012-08-08 20:31:22alexshinnvoting for file+read on #391
172012-08-07 06:45:18alexshinnfixing merge error from #85 misformatting
162012-08-05 20:49:30alexshinnupdating new items
152012-07-10 20:10:01alexshinninitial sixth ballot votes
142012-04-09 18:40:52alexshinnfilling in missing preference
132012-04-03 05:10:17alexshinnupdating rationales
122012-03-12 15:12:31alexshinnupdating and clarifying some votes
112012-03-11 13:07:04alexshinnvoting on fifth ballot
102011-09-11 06:41:50alexshinnupdating some undecided items
92011-08-21 11:46:48alexshinnadding my fourth ballot
82011-06-28 22:39:23alexshinnvoting on #28
72011-06-27 23:55:23alexshinnupdating my votes
62011-06-14 22:27:39alexshinninitial third ballot
52011-01-04 14:41:08alexshinnposting my second ballot
42010-11-03 20:55:19alexshinnupdating for re-ballot
32010-10-16 11:34:37alexshinnfinalizing some undecided votes and adding rationales
22010-08-05 13:50:35alexshinnvoting on new issues and updating order
12010-05-23 09:52:08alexshinn