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2017-08-28 07:40:26

Low-level macros: MinimalSyntaxCaseCowan, explicit renaming, syntactic closures, R6RS syntax-case, SRFI 72.

More syntax-rules extensions: SRFI 139

Macro uses in syntax definitions: SRFI 147

Syntax parameters: SRFI 139

Matching: MatchingWise

Combinators: CombinatorsCowan

cond guards: SRFI 61

Lambda*: BeyondCurryingHemann

Void: VoidCowan

Named parameters: NamedParametersCowan or SRFI 89

and-let*: SRFI 2

Generalized set!: SRFI 17, possibly plus Srfi17ExtensionsCowan

receive: SRFI 8

rec: SRFI 31

Cut/cute: SRFI 26

Loops: SRFI 42 or Riastradh's foof-loop or Chibi loop

Generic accessors/mutators: SRFI 123

Conditions: ConditionsCowan

Restarts: RestartsRiastradh