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Ticket 330: Add R5RS compatibility library

2012-10-11 14:07:03
WG1 - Core
2012-01-12 23:53:44

The (scheme r5rs) library exports the standard identifiers of R5RS Scheme. By my current reckoning, those identifiers are as follows:

- * / + < <= = > >= abs acos and angle append apply asin assoc assq assv atan begin boolean? call-with-current-continuation call-with-values car case cdr ceiling char->integer char-alphabetic? char-ci<? char-ci<=? char-ci=? char-ci>? char-ci>=? char-downcase char-lower-case? char-numeric? char-ready? char-upcase char-upper-case? char-whitespace? char? char<? char<=? char=? char>? char>=? close-input-port close-output-port complex? cond cons cos current-input-port current-output-port define define-syntax delay denominator display do dynamic-wind eof-object? eq? equal? eqv? eval even? exact->inexact exact? exp expt floor for-each force gcd if imag-part inexact->exact inexact? input-port? integer->char integer? interaction-environment lambda lcm length let let-syntax let* letrec letrec-syntax list list->string list->vector list-ref list-tail list? load log magnitude make-polar make-rectangular make-string make-vector map max member memq memv min modulo negative? newline not null-environment null? number->string number? numerator odd? open-input-file open-output-file or output-port? pair? peek-char positive? procedure? quasiquote quote quotient rational? rationalize read read-char real-part real? remainder reverse round scheme-report-environment set-car! set-cdr! set! sin sqrt string string->list string->number string->symbol string-append string-ci<? string-ci<=? string-ci=? string-ci>? string-ci>=? string-copy string-fill! string-length string-ref string-set! string? string<? string<=? string=? string>? string>=? substring symbol->string symbol? tan truncate values vector vector->list vector-fill! vector-length vector-ref vector-set! vector? with-input-from-file with-output-to-file write write-char zero?

As with any library other than (scheme base), implementations SHOULD (rather than MUST) provide this.

Note that the transcript-on and transcript-off names are omitted; however, R5RS programs cannot count on their presence, because they are optional features.


The WG voted to adopt this proposal.


Before closing, this list needs to be verified against R5RS itself.


Now matches R5RS.