Welcome to This is the home of R7RS Working Group 1 (R7RS-WG1) and its work on the R7RS-small standard for the Scheme programming language. The R7RS-small standard (PDF) was ratified in 2013. The final standard as well as all working documents are now hosted here.

(Originally, the standard and working documents were in a Trac instance, but that server was decommissioned in 2018. The pages in this domain, except for this page, are static renderings of the wiki page and tickets from a complete backup of that Trac instance as of 14 Sep 2017.)

An archive of the WG1 mailing list can be found here.

WG2's work on R7RS-large continues. It is hosted at, and includes most of the wiki pages used for R7RS-small, some of which have been modified since R7RS was ratified, as well as new ones, too.

Below is the archived WG1 home page, WikiStart.


2016-09-23 23:06:40

Welcome to the Scheme Working Groups

The final R7RS-small report has been endorsed by a unanimous vote of the Scheme Language Steering Committee. A formal announcement was made at Scheme 2013. The TeX source code for the report has been released by the editors.

For a list of Scheme implementations supporting R7RS-small see ImplementationSupport.

Comments and discussion are welcome at the public discussion list. Errata for the final draft have been posted at R7RSSmallErrata.

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex (alphabetic) or RecentChanges (most recent first).

Click on "Attachments" below to access the first-year progress report and all draft reports.

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overview.pdf2013-04-16 02:42:38Overview of R7RS-small Scheme
r7rs-draft-1.pdf2011-04-16 08:44:42R7RS small language first draft
r7rs-draft-2.pdf2011-05-08 04:48:23R7RS small language draft as of Sat 7 May 2011
r7rs-draft-3.pdf2011-07-25 22:29:01R7RS small language draft as of Mon 25 Jul 2011
r7rs-draft-4.pdf2011-10-23 19:49:12
r7rs-draft-5-diff.pdf2011-12-18 21:33:39
r7rs-draft-5-ebook.pdf2011-12-18 21:33:15
r7rs-draft-5.pdf2011-12-18 21:32:48
r7rs-draft-6.pdf2012-02-14 21:15:41
r7rs-draft-7.pdf2012-11-10 14:10:00R7RS Small Language 7th Draft
r7rs-draft-8.pdf2012-12-09 13:21:04R7RS Small Language 8th Draft
r7rs-draft-9.pdf2013-04-16 02:28:05R7RS Small Language 9th Draft
r7rs-small-spec.zip2013-11-09 01:22:25TeX source for final draft
r7rs.pdf2013-07-07 02:42:15R7RS-small language, final draft
scheme-wg1-progress1.pdf2010-09-06 16:06:50WG1 progress report