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Ticket 485: Many decisions were based on a tacit requirement to ignore R6RS

2013-07-07 03:20:44
WG1 - Core
2013-05-12 22:31:53

Eli Barzilay writes:

My whole objection here is not something that is some vague theoretical issue: the R7RS people have very often made decisions based on the requirement to ignore R6RS. Yes, I know that this was not the actual requirment -- but R7RS people have often expressed this kind of understanding, eg "if you want R6RS you know where to find it", [...] the fact is that R6RS was [for] most things taken as a general non-committing recommendation at best.

(I have deleted Eli's quotation of a remark made by Alex Shinn on IRC, which is hardly a medium for the considered expression of careful views, and was later withdrawn by Alex anyway.)

There was, of course, no such tacit requirement. Several members of the WG pushed R6RS solutions as hard as they could. Sometimes they carried the group with them, sometimes they did not.

The remark about "you know where to find it" was mine, and referred to the oft-repeated fact that the R7RS-small language by itself is not meant to be a replacement for the R6RS language as a whole.


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