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Ticket 524: The draft's text-handling procedures are wrong in a Unicode world

2013-07-07 03:20:44
WG1 - Core
2013-05-13 17:14:27

Ray Dillinger writes:

Many of our text-handling routines are visibly redundant or inelegant in the presence of Unicode. They exist for consistency with an earlier design and are not fully appropriate to a design taking into account the current reality. As such they could and should have been one of the first things we examined when asked to produce a simpler language. These issues could not be addressed under the charter of WG1.

They could be and indeed were examined. If I had my druthers, R7RS-small wouldn't have characters at all, only immutable strings (some of them containing just a single code point). See my ballot for a discussion of the difference between the "best possible result" and "the best result possible".


The WG decided by unanimous consent to take no action on this ticket.