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'''Brian Harvey'''

I'm a "Lecturer with Security of Employment" (a tenured full time teacher) at the University of California, Berkeley, where I teach SICP to about 600 students/year, along with a course on Social Implications of Computing and other things.  My SICP lecture notes and videos are online at [] and other course materials are at [].  SICP is our first course for CS and EECS majors.  We offer a "zeroth" course for people without programming background, also Scheme-based, using my book ''Simply Scheme'' [].

I started out as a PDP-10 systems hacker at the MIT and Stanford Artificial Intelligence Labs, until one day a burning bush appeared before me and told me what I really wanted to do was teach.  Well, two burning bushes actually: a copy of ''Summerhill'' that a housemate left lying around the living room, and, a little later, starting to hang out around the MIT Logo lab.  I was a high school teacher ([]) for a while before starting to teach freshmen at Berkeley in 1987, where I discovered SICP, and where I've been teaching it ever since.

For fun I teach fifth graders, using Scratch ([]).  I'm involved in a project to add lambda to Scratch!  (We're planning to use the augmented Scratch as the basis for a new zeroth course at Berkeley, which will be only half programming and the other half "big ideas.")

I also run the Berkeley Logo development effort and am the author of ''Computer Science Logo Style'', a trilogy of CS books for teenagers [].


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