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2010-10-25 10:08:57

WG2 Consent Docket

The following items will be approved without a formal vote unless someone objects, in which case they will be moved to another docket. See WG2Dockets for other dockets.

Note: "Prefix stripping" means that prefixes such as fx, fl, or bitwise- are removed from identifiers exported by this package. That way, users can add back their own prefixes using the facilities of import.

Assertions: The R6RS procedure assertion-violation (same as R6RS error), with appropriate condition object support dependent on WG1 and WG2 decisions.

Bitwise: The R6RS arithmetic bitwise library with prefix stripping.

Explicit renaming macros: Uses the er-macro-transformer keyword (bare lambdas are unsupported). Three arguments are provided to transformers: form rename compare.

Fixnum arithmetic: The R6RS arithmetic fixnum library with prefix stripping.

Format combinators: Alex Shinn's fmt library, with prefix stripping and a touch of renaming. The C formatting library is excluded.

Pretty-printer: see Format combinators

Getopt/args-fold: SRFI 37.

Pattern matching: Andrew Wright's match library (Alex Shinn's reformulation)

Regex (S-exps and strings): Alex Shinn's irregex library, with prefix stripping and a touch of renaming. Specify full PCRE compatibility even though the irregex implementation doesn't support all of it.

SRFIs 1, 2, 13, 14, 31, 41, 43: Per those SRFIs, with possible prefix stripping (don't want to overdo it). Some of these procedures may wind up in WG1 Scheme per CompleteSequenceCowan.

When/unless: Part of the R6RS control library.