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These are the editorial corrections to the eighth draft in reverse order.  All are present in the ninth (ballot) draft.

* Removed double definition of `caar`
* Define `let-values` and `let*-values` in terms of `<mv binding spec>` in all instances
* Specified interaction environment as mutable explicitly
* Added ``, and `,@` to quasiquotation
* Fixed subject-verb number agreement
* Define-values takes <formals>
* Using slightly higher-level definition using <uinteger> for <label> syntax
* Mnemonic escapes in strings and symbols are case-sensitive
* Fixing formal syntax for symbol escapes - they can't refer to string elements
* Typo: comma instead of period
* Squeezed language changes to save a page
* Shrink R6RS changelist to bare facts
* Merging paragraphs about escaped identifiers
* Removing redundant note about internal syntax definitions
* Removing `eqv?` example of procedures with local state
* Using `exact-integer?` in radix example for `parameterize`
* Changed "when" to "given-that" in let-syntax example
* Define terms ''commands'' and ''thunks''
* Enhance definition of predicates
* Moving domain to the beginning of `parameterize`
* Adding missing newline after `letrec` proto
* `and` can return multiple values
* Removing note about `include` on non-source files
* Added missing `u8` in literal bytevector examples
* Removing redundant parenthetical in explanation of definitions
* Breaking rename import spec into two lines
* Latest attempt to describe syntax-expansion rules
* Long-standing errors in syntax fixed, badly worded phasing rules improved
* Removed reference to visiting libraries
* Missing parens in `bytevector-u8-set!` example
* Cross-reference various forms of `begin`
* Error in library example
* Fixed formatting
* Removed import from base library, fixed minor errors
* Clarifying library declaration vs library body distinction.
* Many typos fixed
* `string->number` now must support radix prefixes
* Editors of earlier reports don't necessarily support this one
* Condensing second exception example
* Clarifying `with-exception-handler` example that returns.

This page is now obsolete: see the ninth draft.


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