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== WG2 Input Docket ==

This docket contains work items that need to be voted on for possible inclusion into R7RS-large.  See [wiki:WG2Dockets WG2Dockets] for other dockets.

Applicable record instances (see

`cond` `=>` with guard as well as generator (see #89):  [ SRFI 61]

`cond` `=>` passes multiple values from predicate to consumer:

Combinators: CombinatorsCowan

Concatenation:  ConcatenateCowan

Custom I/O ports: [ R6RS]

Default exception handler controls:

Descriptive statistics:  TallyCowan

Generalized `equal`: GeneralizedEqualCowan

Evaluator arguments to procedures like `load`: #277

Extended exact numbers:  ExtendedRationalsCowan

External representation of records: 

Features, allowing libraries to add:

Futures:  [ Racket API]


Identifier-syntax: [ R6RS]

`if` with arbitrarily many arguments: [ David Kendal's rationale]

R6RS versions of `real?`, `rational?`, `integer?`: these are false if the imaginary part is an inexact zero; the issue here is what to name them to avoid confusion

Immutable data: ImmutableData

Interrupts, timers, signals: 

Jiffy cleanup: [ Arcane Sentiment blog post]

List library (supplementary):  ListsCowan

Macro expander(s) available at run time: 

`make-error-object` constructs error object without raising it: 

Multiple values passed through => in `cond`: #90 

`number->string` variant with control for significant digits: [ Vincent Manis proposal], R6RS

`number->string` and `string->number` with non-ASCII decimal digits: NumberStringUnicode

Port encodings, buffering, line ending control:  SettingsListsCowan and FilesAdvancedCowan

Port type detector: #177

Queues:  [ Chicken API], BinaryHeapsCowan

R6RS compatibility: whole libraries or cherry-picked procedures:

Raw strings:  <<, """...""", [ SRFI 109]

Record external representations: 

Search and mismatch procedures:  SearchMismatchCowan

`standard-*-port` routines:  [ R6RS]

String positions and slices (see

Symbol library:  SymbolsCowan

Tree library: at least `tree=?` and `tree-copy`, probably Common Lisp [ SUBLIS and NSUBLIS], fold, unfold, map ... 

Thread-local storage: 

Undefined value API: #49

Unquote with multiple arguments:  see #123

User-specified syntax-transformers:


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