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2017-08-28 08:21:21

This is an early draft of proposals for the Orange Edition (numbers) of R7RS-large. For other dockets, see WG2Dockets.

Numeric types and operations

Integer division: SRFI 141

Bitwise integer operations: SRFI 151 (superseding SRFI 142), SRFI 60, R6RS.

Fixnums: SRFI 143, R6RS

Flonums: SRFI 144, R6RS

Random numbers: SRFI 27, plus AdvancedRandomGauche

Prime numbers: PrimesGauche.

Extended exact numbers: ExtendedRationalsCowan [Orange]

Natural number predicates (from WG1): exact-positive-integer? and exact-non-negative-integer?.

NaN dissector API (sign, quiet/signaling status, and integer tag): NanMedernach

Numeric and semi-numeric data structures

Numeric vectors: R6RS, SRFI 4, SRFI 63 (supersedes SRFI 25 and SRFI 47; lexical syntax in SRFI 58), SRFI 66, SRFI 74, NumericVectorsCowan.

C-style structs: ByteStructuresTaylanub.

Integer sets: IntegerSetsCowan

Descriptive statistics: TallyCowan

Multidimensional arrays: SRFI 122 .


Enumerations: EnumsCowan

Enumeration sets: EnumContainersCowan

Enumeration maps: EnumContainersCowan


number->string and string->number with non-ASCII decimal digits: NumberStringUnicode

hex-digit-value: same as digit value, but understands A-F and a-f too

Formatting: SRFI 159 or SRFI 48 (intermediate), possibly with SRFI 29 or GettextCowan

Carryovers from the Red Edition

Strings: SRFI 13 (comprehensive), SRFI 118 (adjustable), SRFI 130 (cursor-based), SRFI 140 (immutable), SRFI 152 (basic)

Ordered sets and bags: SRFI 153

Mappings: SRFI 146

Regular expressions: SRFI 115