This site is a static rendering of the Trac instance that was used by R7RS-WG1 for its work on R7RS-small (PDF), which was ratified in 2013. For more information, see Home. For a version of this page that may be more recent, see PlebisciteCowan in WG2's repo for R7RS-large.


2013-04-26 08:55:30

This page is no longer active. See this page for instructions on how to vote.

The purpose of this ballot is for you to register your views about the work of Working Group 1. In particular, you are being asked whether the ninth draft of R7RS-small at <>, Chibi Scheme, the sample implementation at <>, and the test cases at <> satisfy the requirements of the WG1 charter at <> (excluding the section labeled "Timeline"). Please send your vote to the mailing list between Friday, April 19, 2013, and the deadline of Sunday, May 13, 2013, inclusive.

Full name (required): Insert your name here.

Location (optional): Insert your physical location here.

Affiliation (optional): Insert your institutional affiliation, if any, here.

Contact details (optional): Insert any contact details here. The email address from which you post the ballot will be assumed to be a primary contact method, unless overridden here. You can use a temporary email account if you don't want your main email address revealed.

Statement of interest (not required if you registered for the R6RS ratification or the 2009 Steering Committee election): Insert at least 75 words of original content explaining your interest in Scheme and the Scheme standard and your stake in the outcome of the ratification process.

Vote (required): Insert "yes" or "no" here.

Rationale (optional): Insert your explanation of why you voted the way you did here. Anyone voting "no" is particularly encouraged to complete this section.

This ballot is a variant of the registration and ballot forms used for R6RS ratification process and for the Steering Committee election. Both registration and voting are combined into a single form. Note that the entire contents of the ballot will be published.