This site is a static rendering of the Trac instance that was used by R7RS-WG1 for its work on R7RS-small (PDF), which was ratified in 2013. For more information, see Home.

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== Informal process ==

General comments and discussion should be sent to the public
discussion list scheme-reports at  The WG has
and will continue to monitor this list, responding and issuing
tickets for actionable items.

Interested parties are encouraged to use the informal comment
process as much as possible, as the formal process outlined below
puts additional work on the already overburdened editors.  Only
if the results of the informal process are not satisfactory should
a formal comment be filed.

== Formal comments ==

Formal comments should also be sent to the same public discussion
list, scheme-reports at, to encourage timely feedback
from other members of the community.

To distinguish the post as a formal comment, simply say so in the post
itself, e.g. by writing "Formal Comment" at the top of the body.
Formal comments are also subject to the requirements listed below.
The effect of making the comment formal is to specifically request that a
ticket be issued, and the commenter cc'ed and notified of its progress and
resolution.  A complete list of formal comments and responses will be
provided when the final draft is submitted for ratification.

== Formal comment requirements ==

A formal comment is valid and will be approved only if:

  * it is submitted to scheme-reports at,
  * it is not obviously spam,
  * it is not a followup to an earlier post, and
  * it contains the following required information, clearly marked:
    * the submitter's name
    * the submitter's email address
    * the draft version of the report (draft 5, draft 6, etc.)
    * a one-sentence summary of the issue
    * a full description of the issue

The following categorization information should also be provided if at all possible:

    * The type of issue:
      * Defect
      * Enhancement
      * Other (specify)
    * The priority of the issue:
       * Major
       * Minor
    * The R7RS component (optional):
       * Arithmetic
       * Base Library
       * Concepts
       * Exceptions
       * Formal Semantics
       * Formal Syntax
       * I/O
       * Lexical Syntax
       * Libraries
       * Macros
       * Miscellaneous
       * Presentation
       * Records
       * Scripts
       * Unicode
       * Other (specify)

Posters should also include, where appropriate:

  * references to relevant specific page numbers
  * proposals for how to fix the issue
  * dependencies on other issues

If an editor chooses to reject a formal comment, other than
obvious spam, the editor will email the submitter with an
explanation of the problem, at which point the submitter may
correct the problem and resubmit.

== Formal comment tracking ==

Formal comments will be recorded in the TRAC ticket system under the
milestone "Public Review", with the original reporter cc'ed.  The WG
member recording the ticket should choose appropriate categorization
information if not specified or if plainly incorrect.  In addition, if
the comment calls for editorial
or substantive changes, ordinary ballot tickets should be be filed for these (except
that an editorial change that seems obviously correct may be made directly
to the draft report, subject to normal internal review).

== Formal response ==

All formal comments will receive a formal response (marked as such)
from the editors before the R7RS small language is finalized. The
formal response will describe the action taken and the rationale for
that action. Individual editors are encouraged to reply informally,
but such notes are not to be taken as formal responses.

If in the view of the WG no action should be taken in response to the
comment, it will receive a default formal response such as "The WG has
reviewed the comment and decided to take no action on it."


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