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2012-05-28 06:43:37

This is a dumping ground for random R6RS base library procedures that might be wanted in WG2.

boolean=? compares booleans for identity. Added to R7RS-small.

symbol=? compares symbols for identity. Added to R7RS-small.

real-valued?, rational-valued?, and integer-valued? test whether a given number object can be coerced to the specified type without loss of numerical accuracy. Specifically, the behavior of these predicates differs from the behavior of real?, rational?, and integer? on complex number objects whose imaginary part is inexact zero. Rejected for R7RS-small.

infinite? returns #t on +inf.0 and -inf.0 Added to R7RS-small.

assert raises an error if its argument is #f. Rejected for R7RS-small.

There are now RevoteDocket entries for the assert and *-valued procedures.