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2012-04-19 08:39:12

This implementation of rationalize is taken from the IEEE Scheme standard, which is not freely available. The code is by Alan Bawden, and the theory is from Hardy and Wright's Introduction to the Theory of Numbers, 5th edition (1979).

(define (rationalize x e) (simplest-rational (- x e) (+ x e))) (define (simplest-rational x y) (define (simplest-rational-internal x y) ;; assumes 0 < X < Y (let ((fx (floor x)) (fy (floor y))) (cond ((not (< fx x)) fx) ((= fx fy) (+ fx (/ (simplest-rational-internal (/ (- y fy)) (/ (- x fx)))))) (else (+ 1 fx))))) ;; do some juggling to satisfy preconditions ;; of simplest-rational-internal. (cond ((< y x) (simplest-rational y x)) ((not (< x y)) (if (rational? x) x (error))) ((positive? x) (simplest-rational-internal x y)) ((negative? y) (- (simplest-rational-internal (- y) (- x)))) (else (if (and (exact? x) (exact? y)) 0 0.0))))