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2010-11-15 03:36:04

WG2 Revote Docket

This docket contains work items that WG2 has not yet decided whether to work on or not. See WG2Dockets for other dockets.

Equal number of votes for WG2 and WG3

Cond and case extensions (SRFIs 61 and 87, case-using): Revote required.

Generalized equality and comparison functions: Revote required.

Generalized getters and setters: Revote required.

Forwarded from WG1 to WG2

#54 Optional arguments (other than by case-lambda): Vote required.

#18 Exception/condition system (this may go away): Vote required.

#21 Limited type arithmetic: Covered by existing work items.

#57 Simple randomness (this may go away): Vote required.

#22 Mantissa widths: Vote required.

Omitted from the original work item list in error

#46 Interrupt support for scheduling and system programming: Vote required.