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2012-12-09 12:42:48

This is a list of the 335 standard R7RS-small identifiers in alphabetical order along with the packages they are in:

- base * base ... base / base _ base + base < base <= base = base => base > base >= base abs base acos inexact and base angle complex append base apply base asin inexact assoc base assq base assv base atan inexact begin base binary-port? base boolean? base boolean=? base bytevector base bytevector? base bytevector-append base bytevector-copy base bytevector-copy! base bytevector-length base bytevector-u8-ref base bytevector-u8-set! base caaaar cxr caaadr cxr caaar cxr caadar cxr caaddr cxr caadr cxr caar base cadaar cxr cadadr cxr cadar cxr caddar cxr cadddr cxr caddr cxr cadr base call/cc base call-with-current-continuation base call-with-input-file file call-with-output-file file call-with-port base call-with-values base car base case base case-lambda case-lambda cdaaar cxr cdaadr cxr cdaar cxr cdadar cxr cdaddr cxr cdadr cxr cdar base cddaar cxr cddadr cxr cddar cxr cdddar cxr cddddr cxr cdddr cxr cddr base cdr base ceiling base char? base char<? base char<=? base char=? base char>? base char>=? base char->integer base char-alphabetic? char char-ci<? char char-ci<=? char char-ci=? char char-ci>? char char-ci>=? char char-downcase char char-foldcase char char-lower-case? char char-numeric? char char-ready? base char-upcase char char-upper-case? char char-whitespace? char close-input-port base close-output-port base close-port base command-line process-context complex? base cond base cond-expand base cons base cos inexact current-error-port base current-input-port base current-jiffy time current-output-port base current-second time define base define-record-type base define-syntax base define-values base delay lazy delay-force lazy delete-file file denominator base digit-value char display write do base dynamic-wind base else base emergency-exit process-context environment eval eof-object base eof-object? base eq? base equal? base eqv? base error base error-object? base error-object-irritants base error-object-message base eval eval even? base exact base exact? base exact-integer? base exact-integer-sqrt base exit process-context exp inexact expt base features base file-exists? file finite? inexact floor base floor/ base floor-quotient base floor-remainder base flush-output-port base force lazy for-each base gcd base get-environment-variable process-context get-environment-variables process-context get-output-bytevector base get-output-string base guard base if base imag-part complex import base include base include-ci base inexact base inexact? base infinite? base input-port? base input-port-open? base integer? base integer->char base interaction-environment r5rs interaction-environment repl jiffies-per-second time lambda base lcm base length base let base let* base let*-values base letrec base letrec* base letrec-syntax base let-syntax base let-values base list base list? base list->string base list->vector base list-copy base list-ref base list-set! base list-tail base load load log inexact magnitude complex make-bytevector base make-list base make-parameter base make-polar complex make-promise lazy make-rectangular complex make-string base make-vector base map base max base member base memq base memv base min base modulo base nan? inexact negative? base newline base not base null? base number? base number->string base numerator base odd? base open-binary-input-file file open-binary-output-file file open-input-bytevector base open-input-file file open-input-string base open-output-bytevector base open-output-file file open-output-string base or base output-port? base output-port-open? base pair? base parameterize base peek-char base peek-u8 base port? base positive? base procedure? base quasiquote base quote base quotient base raise base raise-continuable base rational? base rationalize base read read read-bytevector base read-bytevector! base read-char base read-line base read-string base read-u8 base real? base real-part complex remainder base reverse base round base scheme-report-environment r5rs set! base set-car! base set-cdr! base sin inexact sqrt inexact square base string base string? base string<? base string<=? base string=? base string>? base string>=? base string->list base string->number base string->symbol base string->utf8 base string->vector base string-append base string-ci<? char string-ci<=? char string-ci=? char string-ci>? char string-ci>=? char string-copy base string-copy! base string-downcase char string-fill! base string-foldcase char string-for-each base string-length base string-map base string-ref base string-set! base string-upcase char substring base symbol? base symbol=? base symbol->string base syntax-error base syntax-rules base tan inexact textual-port? base truncate base truncate/ base truncate-quotient base truncate-remainder base u8-ready? base unless base unquote base unquote-splicing base utf8->string base values base vector base vector? base vector->list base vector->string base vector-append base vector-copy base vector-copy! base vector-fill! base vector-for-each base vector-length base vector-map base vector-ref base vector-set! base when base with-exception-handler base with-input-from-file file with-output-to-file file write write write-bytevector base write-char base write-shared write write-simple write write-string base write-u8 base zero? base