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== WG2 Standard Docket ==

This is a list of work items that WG2 has voted to work on, and proposals for those work items.  If no more than one proposal gets written for an item, the item may migrate to the ConsentDocket.  See [wiki:WG2Dockets WG2Dockets] for other dockets.

Assertions: R6RS base library, R6RS with optional message and irritants.

Binary heap: BinaryHeapsCowan (includes queues)

Binary search: [ SRFI 43]

Bitwise arithmetic: [ SRFI 33], [ SRFI 60], [ R6RS], BitwiseCowan.  See BitwiseComparison for a detailed comparison of names and parameter order.  See also the incomplete proposal BitwiseArithmeticRead.

Boxes/references: BoxesCowan

Character encoding conversion:


Date and time arithmetic: TimeAdvancedCowan plus TimePeriodsCowan

Date-time parser:

Dictionaries (may include hash tables):

Enumerations and enum-sets: SetsCowan, [ R6RS]

Environment enquiries: EnvironmentEnquiriesCowan

File system directories (reading): [ SCSH directory stream interface], DirectoryPortsCowan, `directory-files` to return a list of all files in the dir (in WG1 vote order)

File library, advanced version:  FilesAdvancedCowan

File system directories (creation, removal): DirectoriesCowan

Flonum arithmetic: FlonumsCowan

Gettext (i18n of strings):

Hash tables: [ SRFI 69], [ R6RS] (in WG1 vote order), HashTablesCowan (portable compromise, default equality functions only)

Homogeneous numeric arrays: [, R6RS], [ SRFI 4], [ SRFI 63] (supersedes SRFI 25 and SRFI 47), [ SRFI 66], [ SRFI 74], NumericVectorsCowan

Immutable cyclic lists: CyclesMedernach

Loop syntax: [ Olin Shivers's loop], [ Taylor Campbell's foof-loop], eager comprehensions from [ SRFI 42].  See also [ Alex Shinn's defense of foof-loop].

Mailboxes, channels, synchronized queues:

C89 or C99 <math.h>: FlonumsCowan


Message digests (CRC, MD5, SHA1, SHA2):

Multi-dimensional general arrays: ArraysCowan

Multiple value macros (from CL): MultipleValuesCowan

Mutexes, condition variables:

Named parameters: NamedParametersCowan

Octet vectors, bytevectors, blobs: NumericVectorsCowan + StringBytevectorConversionCowan

Optional arguments (other than by `case-lambda`): 

Pathnames: PathnamesCowan

Pattern matching: MatchingWise

Port functions (concatenate, join, split): PortOperationsCowan

Priority queues:

Processes (system, popen, etc): SystemCommandCowan + ProcessPortsCowan

Random numbers: RandomnessCommonLisp, [ SRFI 27], RandomCowan, RandomnessArcfide (in WG1 vote order)

Record introspection: [ SRFI 99]

REPL facilities: ReplCowan

Run-time records: [ SRFI 99]

Sets and bags: SetsCowan

Shift and reset:

Simple Posix: SimplePosixCowan

Sorting: [ SRFI 32], [ SRFI 95]

TCP protocol: NetworkPortsCowan

Thread-local storage:

Threads:  ThreadsCowan

UDP protocol:  DatagramChannelsCowan

Unicode character database: UcdCowan

Unicode normalization: [ R6RS], `string-ni=?` and friends (from earlier R7RS-small drafts).

Weak dictionaries/hashtables:

Weak references (soft, phantom):


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