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2017-08-28 07:58:47

WG2 Standard Docket

This is a list of work items that WG2 has voted to work on, and proposals for those work items. If no more than one proposal gets written for an item, the item may migrate to the ConsentDocket. See WG2Dockets for other dockets.

Applicable record instances: R6RS formal comment

Assertions: R6RS, R6RS with optional message and irritants.

Binary heap: BinaryHeapsCowan

Container conversion: See BytevectorsCowan, NumericVectorsCowan, and WG1 ballot options

Continuation API: Feeley's paper (PDF)

Date and time arithmetic: TimeAdvancedCowan plus TimePeriodsCowan, SRFI 19

Date-time parser: Hato date parser, SRFI 19

Evaluator arguments to procedures like load: see #277

Extended exact numbers: ExtendedRationalsCowan [Orange]

File system directories (reading): SCSH directory stream interface, DirectoryPortsCowan, directory-files to return a list of all files in the dir (in WG1 vote order) [Yellow]

File system directories (creation, removal): DirectoriesCowan

Flonum arithmetic: FlonumsCowan [Orange]

Futures: Racket API

hex-digit-value: same as digit value, but understands A-F and a-f too

Homogeneous numeric arrays: R6RS, SRFI 4, SRFI 63 (supersedes SRFI 25 and SRFI 47; lexical syntax in SRFI 58), SRFI 66, SRFI 74, NumericVectorsCowan [Orange]

if with arbitrarily many arguments: David Kendal's rationale

Library declarations: LibraryDeclarationsCowan

Mailboxes, channels, synchronized queues: Scheme48 from Concurrent ML

make-error-object: constructs error object without raising it

Memoization: Memoize (not a proposal yet), Racket, Haskell

Message digests (CRC, MD5, SHA1, SHA2):

Multiple values passed through => in cond: see #90

Mutable environments for eval: MutableEnvironmentsCurtisCowan

Mutexes, condition variables: SRFI 18

NaN dissector API (sign, quiet/signaling status, and integer tag): NanMedernach

Natural number predicates (from WG1): exact-positive-integer? and exact-non-negative-integer?.

number->string and string->number with non-ASCII decimal digits: NumberStringUnicode

Octet vectors, bytevectors, blobs: NumericVectorsCowan + StringBytevectorConversionCowan

Optional arguments (other than by case-lambda): OptionalsRiastradh

Procedure arity inspection: SRFI 102, Dybvig's proposal

Processes (system, popen, etc): SystemCommandCowan + ProcessPortsCowan

Raw strings: <<, """...""", SRFI 109

Record introspection: SRFI 99

Record-let: #45

REPL facilities: ReplCowan

Shift and reset: Scheme48, Racket

Symbol library: SymbolsCowan

syntax-case (voted down, but restored by popular demand): R6RS

TCP protocol: NetworkPortsCowan

Thread-local storage: Java

Threads: ThreadsCowan, SRFI 18

UDP protocol: DatagramChannelsCowan

Undefined value API: see #49

Unicode character database: UcdCowan

Unicode normalization: R6RS, string-ni=? and friends (from earlier R7RS-small drafts).