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== WG2 Standard Docket ==

This is a list of work items that WG2 has voted to work on, and proposals for those work items.  See [wiki:WG2Dockets WG2Dockets] for other dockets.

Applicable record instances: [ R6RS formal comment]

Assertions: [ R6RS], R6RS with optional message and irritants.

Binary heap: BinaryHeapsCowan

Container conversion: See BytevectorsCowan, NumericVectorsCowan, and [ WG1 ballot options]

Continuation API:  [ Feeley's paper] (PDF)

Date and time arithmetic: TimeAdvancedCowan plus TimePeriodsCowan, [ SRFI 19]

Date-time parser: [ Hato date parser], [ SRFI 19]

Evaluator arguments to procedures like `load`: see #277

File system directories (reading): [ SCSH directory stream interface], DirectoryPortsCowan, `directory-files` to return a list of all files in the dir (in WG1 vote order) [Yellow]

File system directories (creation, removal): DirectoriesCowan

Futures:  [ Racket API]

`if` with arbitrarily many arguments: [ David Kendal's rationale]

Library declarations: LibraryDeclarationsCowan

Mailboxes, channels, synchronized queues: [ Scheme48 from Concurrent ML]

`make-error-object`: constructs error object without raising it

Memoization: [wiki:Memoize] (not a proposal yet), [ Racket], [ Haskell]

Message digests (CRC, MD5, SHA1, SHA2):

Multiple values passed through => in `cond`: see #90 

Mutable environments for `eval`:  MutableEnvironmentsCurtisCowan

Mutexes, condition variables: [ SRFI 18]

Optional arguments (other than by `case-lambda`): [ OptionalsRiastradh]

Procedure arity inspection: [ SRFI 102], [ Dybvig's proposal]

Processes (system, popen, etc): SystemCommandCowan + ProcessPortsCowan

Raw strings:  <<, """...""", [ SRFI 109]

Record introspection: [ SRFI 99]

`Record-let`: #45

REPL facilities: ReplCowan

Shift and reset: [ Scheme48], [ Racket]

Symbol library:  SymbolsCowan

`syntax-case` (voted down, but restored by popular demand): [ R6RS]

TCP protocol: NetworkPortsCowan

Thread-local storage: [ Java]

Threads:  ThreadsCowan, [ SRFI 18]

UDP protocol:  DatagramChannelsCowan

Undefined value API: see #49

Unicode character database: UcdCowan

Unicode normalization: [ R6RS], `string-ni=?` and friends (from earlier R7RS-small drafts).


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