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Change History for UniqueTypesSnellPym

102010-11-01 05:34:13alaricAdded optional mutation feature
92010-11-01 05:25:22alaricFixed markup error
82010-11-01 05:17:39alaricAdded optional inheritance feature
72010-10-31 22:11:20alaricWrote about read/write syntax
62010-10-28 00:59:48alaricAdded note about static sizing of encapsulations
52010-10-28 00:56:54alaricUpdated my unique types proposal to embed a free vector.
42010-03-22 17:12:59alaricAdded a way to provide a descriptive symbol
32010-03-19 17:03:47alaricAdded a little more rationale.
22010-03-19 17:01:00alaricFormatting
12010-03-19 16:55:35alaricInitial proposal for unique types rather than records.