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= Welcome to the Scheme Working Groups =

'''The [ final R7RS-small report] has been endorsed by a unanimous vote of the Scheme Language Steering Committee.  A formal announcement will be made at [ Scheme 2013].  The [ TeX source code for the report] has been released by the editors.'''

For a list of Scheme implementations supporting R7RS-small see ImplementationSupport.

Comments and discussion are welcome at the [ public discussion list].  Errata for the final draft have been posted at [wiki:R7RSSmallErrata].

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex (alphabetic) or RecentChanges (most recent first).

Click on "Attachments" below to access the first-year progress report and all draft reports.

== Working Group 1 ([ Charter]) ==

[MemberPagesWorkingGroupOne Member Page]

[WorkingGroupOneProcess Process]
  * [SampleVoteYakHandler Sample Vote]
  * [wiki:WG1Ballot1 First Ballot] ([wiki:WG1Ballot1Results Results])
  * [wiki:WG1Ballot2 Second Ballot] ([wiki:WG1Ballot2Results Results])
  * [wiki:WG1Ballot3 Third Ballot] ([wiki:WG1Ballot3Results Results])
  * [wiki:WG1Ballot4 Fourth Ballot] ([wiki:WG1Ballot4Results Results])
  * [wiki:WG1Ballot5 Fifth Ballot] ([wiki:WG1Ballot5Results Results])
  * [wiki:WG1Ballot6 Sixth Ballot] ([wiki:WG1Ballot6Results Results])
  * [wiki:WG1Ballot7 Seventh Ballot] ([wiki:WG1Ballot7Results Results])
  * [wiki:WG1Ballot8 Eighth Ballot] ([wiki:WG1Ballot8Results Results])
  * [wiki:WG1Ballot Ninth Ballot] ([wiki:WG1Ballot9Results Results])
  * [wiki:WG1Ballot10 Tenth Ballot] ([wiki:WG1Ballot10Results Results])

'''Issue Summaries and Proposals''' (many now obsolete)

    * [wiki:Keywords]
    * ModuleSystems
        * ModuleFactoringSummary
        * ModulesAndPackagesArcfide
        * ModulesShinn
        * ModulesGanz
    * RecordStandards
        * UniqueTypesSnellPym
        * RecordsArcfide
        * UserAggregatesRush
        * RecordsCowan
        * AggregatesMedernach
    * BinaryData
        * [wiki:BlobsAndSRFI4SnellPym]
        * [wiki:BlobAPI] (Cowan)
    * CharacterSets
        * UnicodeCowan
    * StringRepresentations
    * StringNormalization
    * CaseSensitivity
        * CaseSensitivityArcfide
    * Parameters
        * ParametersSnellPym
        * ImmutableParametersCowan (once again supersedes ParametersCowan)
    * [ExceptionsErrorsAndConditions Exceptions, Conditions, and Error handling]
        * [wiki:R6RSExceptionHandlingCowan R6RSExceptionHandlingCowan]
            * (replaces ExceptionHandlingCowan)
    * Random Number Generation
        * RandomCowan
        * RandomnessArcfide
        * RandomnessCommonLisp
        * [ SRFI-27]
    * Let-syntax
        * LetSyntaxArcfide

== Working Group 2 ([ Charter]) ==

[MemberPagesWorkingGroupTwo Member Page]

[wiki:ProposedWG2Charter Proposed revision to WG2 Charter]

Note:  Proposals and issue summaries are linked from the Docket pages below.

'''Work Item Dockets'''
    * InputDocket (new work items not yet accepted by WG2)
    * PreStandardDocket (work items to be moved to StandardDocket unless there are objections)
    * StandardDocket (main list of WG2 work items with proposals)
    * ConsentDocket (work items whose resolution is uncontroversial in the view of the chair)
    * ReassignedDocket (work items for future WGs)
    * RevoteDocket (work items that need a WG2 revote)
    * RejectedDocket (items that were rejected by a WG2 vote)
    * MandatoryDocket (things to consider making mandatory in R7RS-large)

'''Proposed Repository Format'''
    * [wiki:Snow Snow]

    * [wiki:WG2Calendar WG2Calendar]

== Information on Scheme Implementations ==

[ExceptionTaxonomies Catalog of Condition/Exception Taxonomies]

'''Catalogs of Features'''

        * [ Scheme Systems Supporting SRFIs], by John Cowan
        * [ Small Scheme Standard Modules], by John Cowan (Also contains some proposals.)
        * [wiki:DSSSLVsScheme DSSSL vs. Scheme] (explains the difference between R4RS Scheme and the DSSSL expression language)
        * ImplementationContrasts (shows what different implementations do in particular circumstances)

'''Catalogs of Implementations'''

        * [ List of Scheme implementations], at
        * SchemeImplementationReleases
        * SchemeImplementors
        * ImplementationContrasts (gives list of 45 implementations used for testing)

== Previous Scheme Standards ==

* [ R0RS]
* [ R1RS]
* [ R2RS]
* [ R3RS] (.ps.gz format)
* [ R4RS]
* [ R5RS]
* R6RS [ base], [ libraries], [ appendices], [ rationale]

== Administrative Details ==

    * SiteBackups

== Editorial Corrections ==

    * [wiki:R7RSSmallErrata]
    * NinthDraftEditorialCorrections
    * EighthDraftEditorialCorrections
    * SeventhDraftEditorialCorrections (partial)


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