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2010-02-14 04:40:35

Brian Harvey

I'm a "Lecturer with Security of Employment" (a tenured full time teacher) at the University of California, Berkeley, where I teach SICP to about 600 students/year, along with a course on Social Implications of Computing and other things. My SICP lecture notes and videos are online at and other course materials are at SICP is our first course for CS and EECS majors. We offer a "zeroth" course for people without programming background, also Scheme-based, using my book Simply Scheme

I started out as a PDP-10 systems hacker at the MIT and Stanford Artificial Intelligence Labs, until one day a burning bush appeared before me and told me what I really wanted to do was teach. Well, two burning bushes actually: a copy of Summerhill that a housemate left lying around the living room, and, a little later, starting to hang out around the MIT Logo lab. I was a high school teacher ( for a while before starting to teach freshmen at Berkeley in 1987, where I discovered SICP, and where I've been teaching it ever since.

For fun I teach fifth graders, using Scratch ( I'm involved in a project to add lambda to Scratch! (We're planning to use the augmented Scratch as the basis for a new zeroth course at Berkeley, which will be only half programming and the other half "big ideas.")

I also run the Berkeley Logo development effort and am the author of Computer Science Logo Style, a trilogy of CS books for teenagers