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2013-05-04 22:18:21

This docket contains work items that the chair is moving (unless there is objection) to StandardDocket. See WG2Dockets for other dockets.

Container conversion: ballot options

Continuation API: Feeley's paper (PDF)

Division library: DivisionRiastradh

Enumerations: R6RS (see also, SetsCowan, [ Chicken miscmacros egg]

Getters and setters: SRFI 17

Library declarations: LibraryDeclarationsCowan

Mutable environments for eval: MutableEnvironmentsCurtisCowan

NaN dissector API (sign, quiet/signaling status, and integer tag): NanMedernach

Natural number predicates (from WG1): exact-positive-integer? and exact-non-negative-integer?.

Procedure arity inspection: SRFI 102

Record-let: #45

Restarts: Common Lisp, MIT, RestartersRiastradh

String encoding and decoding: StringBytevectorConversionCowan

Syntactic closures (voted down, but restored by popular demand): MIT

syntax-case (voted down, but restored by popular demand): R6RS