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2013-05-14 00:45:35

This docket contains work items that the chair is moving (unless there is objection) to StandardDocket. See WG2Dockets for other dockets.

Applicable record instances: R6RS formal comment

Association list library (supplements SRFI 1): AssociationListsCowan

Combinators: CombinatorsCowan

Concatenation: ConcatenateCowan

Descriptive statistics: TallyCowan

Generalized equal: GeneralizedEqualCowan

Futures: Racket API

hex-digit-value: same as digit value, but understands A-F and a-f too

make-error-object: constructs error object without raising it:

Port encodings, buffering, line ending control: SettingsListsCowan and FilesAdvancedCowan

Queues: Chicken API, BinaryHeapsCowan

Search and mismatch procedures: SearchMismatchCowan

Substitution and transformation: SubstituteCowan

Symbol library: SymbolsCowan